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We provide a wide range of Dental Implant treatments, ranging from replacing a single tooth, to providing full mouth implants to replace a patient’s entire dentition (see dental implant gallery) . Dental implants are a modern solution to replacing missing teeth, and in most cases is a superior alternative to older conventional methods such as dentures and bridges. A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed into the jaw bone and is used to support one or more teeth. Implants can also be used to stabilise dentures.

The implant is usually left in the bone for some months to allow the bone to form a strong bond with the implant. Once the implant has integrated with the bone, a crown (artificial tooth) is attached to it to give a natural look. The crown is custom made to ensure ideal shape, size, shade and contour.

An example on an implant placed in bone by Dr Rumeet Patel BDS DipImpDent (UCL). In the first x-ray the Implant is left in place for 3 months to integrate with the surrounding bone. The second x-ray shows a crown placed by Dr Patel after 3 months on to the integrated implant. The patient now has a functional tooth in that space.

The following cases are a variety of Dental Implant cases carried out by Dr Rumeet Patel. For more examples please see our implant gallery.

Central Incisor Implant restoration which creates a perfectly natural look and gives the patient back their smile and confidence without the use of a denture or bridge

Multiple Implants to create a larger biting surface, not only improving the visual appearance but also creating more chewing power, taking pressure off the front teeth.

Multiple Implants placed to support a bridge giving patients a full set of permanent usable teeth.

Dr Rumeet Patel has been trained to place and restore Dental Implants at the Eastman Dental Institute which is affiliated with University College London (UCL). He has been awarded a diploma in Implant Dentistry from UCL.

If you feel you could benefit from dental implant treatment please call the surgery to book an appointment with Dr Patel 01992 622001.

* Please note at Cheshunt Dental Practice, we offer in-house IV sedation for anxious patients who require dental implants and other treatments.

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