Cosmetic Dentistry Info

Dental treatments that involve electively improving a patient’s smile are classified as cosmetic. See cosmetic gallery . At Cheshunt Dental Practice we use a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures that help dramatically improve a patient’s smile, appearance and confidence.

Six Month Smiles

At our practice we provide a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures including the Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment for adults. This treatment is designed to correctly align teeth to give you the straight smile you have always dreamed of. (see cosmetic gallery for examples) .

Six Month Smiles is a short term orthodontic procedure whereby  brackets are placed onto teeth and a wire is fixed onto the brackets to move the teeth into the desired alignment. The Six Month Smiles system uses clear brackets and white wires which are barely visible; also an average treatment time of only six months makes this system one of the most innovative treatment options available.   

The images below show the progression of a six month smile case carried out by Dr Rumeet Patel.

Commencement of treatment

After two months

After six months with bonded retainer

Frontal view of the same case before treatment

Frontal view of the same case after six months smiles

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded on to teeth to help improve the appearance of unsightly teeth and can be used to transform a person’s smile and appearance.

Below is an example of how the placement of a single veneer on a discoloured tooth by Dr Rumeet Patel has improved a patient’s smile and confidence.

Below is an example of how multiple veneers placed by Dr Patel has helped transform a patient’s smile. (see cosmetic gallery for more examples) .

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an extremely popular treatment option that gently gives a patient a whiter, brighter smile. It is the simplest and least invasive of all the cosmetic treatments. At Cheshunt Dental Practice we use the Wy10 teeth whitening system.

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